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Patricia Robalino 

The world of Patricia Robalino is synonymous with creativity and color, as well as a strong sense of her South American upbringing and her time spent in Europe. Trained in Italy and New York, Patricia shaped her family brand by giving it a strong feminine identity which has characterized her designs and enabled them to be recognized in the international fine jewelry market.

Always the trendsetter, Patricia Robalino began designing jewelry at an early age. Heir to the Valencia jewelry empire in Ecuador, Patricia recalls being around jewelry since she was around four years old. Following her passion, Patricia designed her first collection at nineteen, and is grateful to be able to continue the family tradition.

For over twenty years, Patricia Robalino has infused all her pieces with color and light by combining unparalleled craftsmanship and technical prowess. Her keen eye, and knowledge of history and gems have catapulted her designs from the best dressed women of New York and Palm Beach, to red carpets all over the world.


Kitik Jewelry 

Kitik (pronounced kee-teak) is designed by Cristina Amador, and handmade by skilled artisans from Ecuador, taking ancient techniques and bringing them to the present with modern designs that will transform into future heirlooms.

Cristina fell in love with the work of the talented artisans of Chordeleg, while giving them a free design workshop. She was heartbroken, however, to learn how underpaid they were and how the local jewelry stores took advantage of them.The brand was born from the desire to help them earn fair wages while doing what they love and preserving what they had been taught through generations.

The designs follow Cristina's unique aesthetics making even the simplest ring into a statement piece. The artistry of the Chordeleg jewelers bring her designs to life. Each purchase helps provide fair income to the communities of artisans who make these pieces with their own hands and hearts. All the pieces are made from sterling or fine silver and 24k gold plating.