An Interview with Patricia Robalino

Every once in a while you come across a jewelry collection that is inspired, timeless, and most importantly wearable. Mia Vita by Patricia Robalino hits all those marks, and then some. I spoke to Patricia about her signature collection over coffee at her home in Palm Beach. Here are the highlights:

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Gabriela Viteri: What inspired you to design this new signature collection?

Patricia Robalino: Mia Vita was designed in a very important time for me. I wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my career as a jewelry designer and the opening of my Worth Avenue flagship store. Living in Palm Beach is a designer’s dream, and I was inspired by the timeless elegance, the colors of the island, and the international women who I have met through the years and who wear my jewelry. 

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GV: Talk to me about the key pieces.

PR: When I set out to design Mia Vita, I wanted it reflect my experiences, my travels, and everything that makes up my life, hence the name of the collection. I also wanted it to be something you could wear everyday and would stand the test of time, so I chose themes that would work as studs, hoops, or necklaces.

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PR: The collection takes two familiar motifs in jewelry design, the butterfly and the flower, and re-imagines them as Flora and Fauna in luscious gemstone colors that can be worn alone or together. The third element is our signature Allegra hoop, which is available to match the rest of the collection, or worn alone.

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PR: Flora and Fauna are available in necklace, stud or gold hoop variations. The necklaces come in two sizes and are meant to be matched and layered. I also designed a few earring variations including hoops, studs and mini studs. The Allegra hoop is the perfect compliment and rounds out the collection, while the Flora ring adds a touch of whimsy.

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GV: Would you care to share a bit more on your life in Palm Beach and how it inspired your work?

PR: I moved here after many years of living and working in New York. I loved the city, but after a work trip to Palm Beach, I was smitten. The island is lush, beautiful, and has been great for my business. I was immediately embraced by the community here having met beautiful clients and friends in Palm Beach. 

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PR: I grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador, so I have always been inspired by tropical landscapes. Living in Palm Beach I feel close to that, and have found new and colorful inspirations for my designs. Being close to the ocean and being able to access it has been an incredible boost to my artistic side. I love looking over my balcony seeing tropical flowers and blue skies, and designing in such a tranquil space.

GV: What’s next for Patricia Robalino and Mia Vita?

PR: More jewelry, of course! And travel! We are taking Mia Vita on the road. The collection has been a hit, so we are bringing it “to a city near you” this holiday season. We are also coming up with a new design to add to the Mia Vita family, so stay tuned for that. 

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GV: How can we purchase the Mia Vita collection?

PR: I invite you to discover the collection at my Worth Avenue boutique located in 323 Worth Avenue. You can also purchase directly through you, The Curated Look. 


You can certainly shop for these beautiful pieces by emailing me or even just sending me a text. I love hearing from you, so feel free to ask, and I will answer any questions.



Gabriela Viteri