The Curated Blog

It's been a over year since the launch of The Curated Look, and after countless and meaningful encounters with clients, friends, and business associates, the idea of this blog came about. The purpose of my business was always to connect. Connect great clients with great makers, connect designers with other designers, and above all, connect with you. 

Until now, the trunk shows and pop-ups were sufficient. They have been my way to communicate, introduce, meet, and share. After listening to this suggestion for a year now, and in efforts to reach out to more of you, as well as for efficiency's sake, I have decided to try this new (to me) way to communicate with my clients and friends. 

Thanks to all of you who make the time to be at my events. Without you, there is no Curated Look. Rest assured I will be behind all the content, and my purpose is to bring the same authenticity and experience you have come to expect from The Curated Look. 

As for the events, they are not going anywhere. You will still find me attending at least at one monthly trunk show, pop up, or personal appearance.  Feel free to DM me, email me for collabs, events, and appointments. I'm around!

XO Gaby